A proprietary process of custom design and manufacturing of technical sublimated sportswear.

  • Immediate delivery

  • Proudly made in North America

  • LOW or NO minimums

  • Endless Possibilities
    - Ever-expanding art galleries + Use your own design creations.

The WyZ consists of 3 main parts:

The Storefront (Choose), The Editor (Design), and The Web-store (Order).

Each deployment of The WyZ is tailored to match your organization’s branding and the look of your website, seamlessly integrating with your current web presence.

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Who benefits from the web-traffic and Search Engine Statistics?

You do! All web traffic that utilizes The WyZ must pass through The Storefront pages on your site, thus adding to your SEO stats. When a user chooses to design a product, they click on an ‘edit button’ beside that product which opens up The WyZ Editor in a new window. Users never actually leave your site unless they choose to.

The WyZ Storefront

The WyZ Storefront is new content or pages added to your existing website. Made up of catalog-style pages that show product spec’s, options and thumbnails and neatly organize the products available to the user. These new pages will be part of your website and inherit its look and branding. All SEO tracking and stats are credited to your website.

The WyZ Editor

The WyZ Editor opens in a new window once a user has chosen to customize a product listed on the the Storefront. Users can change colours, utilize our ever-growing database of artwork, or upload their own for use in designing their custom product. Once the user is finished designing and is happy with the representation of their custom product, they are prompted to download their design and are ushered to the Web-Store to select options, sizes, quantities, shipping and billing info and to finalize their order. The Editor will be hosted on a dedicated space so that we can maintain the system effectively.

The WyZ Web-store

Standard web-based cart system. Users specify product options, quantities, billing and shipping addresses, and can apply discount codes to finalize their order.