ATAC Sportswear is a custom performance athletic apparel manufacturer founded in Langley, Canada. Having complete control over the manufacturing process enables us to produce quality and performance clothing as standard. At ATAC Sportswear, we never compromise on the quality. Using the highest available fabrics, we are constantly looking to make advances and improvements, keeping your clothing at the forefront.

Our Story

ATAC Sportswear was designed by athletes, for athletes. Co-founder and former Canadian Skier, Derek Robbins, remains central to the development of ATAC Sportswear. Its Derek’s expertise and pursuit of performance excellence that gives ATAC the leading edge. Our purpose is simple and focused; make the best custom performance gear to help you train and perform better every day.

Local Manufacturing

ATAC is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Langley, BC. Our local production ensures our commitment to sourcing sustainable material and manufacturing practices.

Strategic Sales

Our Strategic Sales pair with local organisations and athletes who are passionate about growing and supporting their communities. Our goal is to focus on quality partnerships over quantity.

Under the Strategic Sales umbrella, there are five programs designed to support athletes, entrepreneurs and grass route organisations in our communities:

  • Wholesale Dealer Partnership
  • Custom Team Portal
  • Fundraising Program
  • Affiliate Program
  • Ambassador