Steel Bones Pantone Chart

The Steel Bones colour pallet is designed to make things simple because looking at 1000+ colours of every different shade can be overwhelming. Steel Bones has come up with a great list of colour options that represent a broad colour spectrum. 

If your project absolutely need a specific Pantone colour not offered by Steel Bones, we can formulate it for a $75.00 colour matching fee. Please remember that computer screens do not necessarily render colours the way they actually are. It is best to consult a Pantone book once you have narrowed down your search.


Graphic Design File Formatting: 
  • All artwork is preferred to be in a Vector format as opposed to raster or bitmaps. However Steel Bones can work with almost any file type with additional charges to convert it to the file type we need.
  • Web graphics are not accepted for print. The resolution is too low.
  • JPEG files are not accepted, they must be original Vector format. Saving the JPG in an Illustrator file will not work.
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines or provide us with the actual font file.
  • For colour matching we need Pantone number for all colours. Click HERE to download the Steel Bones Pantone Chart
  • Please make sure there is no overprint on your logos. To check for this in Illustrator, click on "View" from the scroll down menu and then select the option, "Overprint Preview". If the logos do not look the same, you have an overprint that needs to be removed in the Attributes Pallet.